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pools + spas

Start creating memories that will last a lifetime by adding a pool or spa to your property—designed to perfectly align with your lifestyle. Elite Homes is the Portland Metro area authorized dealer for Leisure Pools, one of the world’s largest pool and spa manufacturers.


Our pool packages are designed to include everything you need for an easy-to-manage, premium home pool or spa system.

All pool and spa packages include:


Lower maintenance and less chemical demand means less chlorine smell, leaves your skin feeling softer, and keeps chemical costs down


By remodeling your entire home, you can increase its value, making it more appealing to potential buyers should you decide to sell in the future.


Autocover track and hardware is hidden below the patio and pool deck. Covers are easily controlled from a switch, keep the pool clean when not in use, and add a layer of safety to a backyard pool or spa. Additionally, most insurance companies and city codes count an autocover as a security fence.


Our lifetime structural warranty, lifetime structural osmosis warranty, 15-year finish warranty, 5-year workmanship warranty and 1 year equipment warranty all offer you peace of mind.


  • Pentair Intellitouch Equipment: pump, filter, and heater 

  • Full installation 

  • LED underwater lights

  • Maintenance equipment set

  • Pool orientation


why fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools are lower maintenance as they should not need resurfacing, require less chemicals because they are non-porous, and are built in a controlled environment for consistency and quality. They have smooth sides and are easy on skin, with non-slip textured steps and floor. In the Pacific Northwest, they are more cost effective and best suited to the wide range of temperature and weather we experience.

the process


Select your pool model


Select your pool color


Customize your options

The world is your oyster. There are countless ways to customize your pool and spa ranging from custom waterfalls/features to water slides.


patio and hardscape

We offer a range of coping and patio options from simple poured concrete to Silver-honed Travertine and Belgard pavers. The surrounding patio and decking can be included in your pool/spa project or scoped separately with an experienced landscaping and design team.

featured pools

The Ultimate

With its clean, contemporary lines this pool offers it all: a splash pad with built-in spa and a generous swimming pool area in a classic rectangle pool design. An incredible inground composite fiberglass swimming pool that showcases what the good life is all about.

The Pinnacle

True to its name, this has become one of our most popular inground fiberglass pool designs. The most outstanding feature is its full-width splash pad that allows you to place lounge chairs on it, the ability to install bubblers, and of course for children and family pets to stand in and enjoy the coolness of the water.

featured spas

The Sorrento

This rectangular spa offers a variety of comfortable seating options including a reclining lounge and three integrated bucket seats, all arranged to offer a relaxing and therapeutic full-body water massage. 

The Amalfi

Step into this spacious square spa designed with open seating and flexibility in mind. Experience a relaxing, therapeutic water massage known to promote less stress, improve circulation, encourage better sleep, and lessen symptoms of arthritis and back pain.

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Thank you for contacting Elite. We can't wait to connect with you to learn about goals, understand your vision, and answer any questions you may have.

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